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Making The Roads Safer With V2 Technology

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Knight Rider (2008), NBC.

It’s not quite Knight Rider, but talking cars are coming soon.  On February 4th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced plans to institute a mandate on the use of V2 technology in all vehicles. V2 technology enables processes that can do things like help identify traffic issues and patterns and suggest alternate routes to drivers. More than that though, V2 facilitates communication between vehicles. It provides the safety of allowing your vehicle to be aware of the actions of others, recommending fast action that can prevent accidents. In fact, the NHTSA estimates that up to 81% of all traffic accidents could be avoided with the implementation of such technology.

With the potential advent of self-driving cars, V2 tech could also greatly assist in bringing them to the road, and with the flow of traffic in general. The future of motor vehicles may be just around the corner.

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