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Google Glass Can Read Your Mind

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Glass in action; Image via AFP Relaxnews

Google Glass is still very much in the testing stages. It’s slowly rolling out to more and more ‘explorers,’ early adopters who are testing features and spreading the word. Developers are still in the process of imagining up just what the device can do. Exciting recent developments show that the wearable may have applications beyond mere personal web browsing .

Developer¬†Emotient has designed a program that can gather and interpret data fast enough to read a person’s facial expression and determine the associated emotional state. This is true for even the smallest of facial tics, which would make it easier to determine how someone is really feeling, or whether or not they’re being honest.¬†Of course facial recognition software is prohibited by Google, but this program is being tested as a proof of concept in a private beta. Read more about the tech behind the magic here.

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