@WENERDHARD #50 | I Am The Milkshake! | We Nerd Hard

@WENERDHARD #50 | I Am The Milkshake!

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On @WeNerdHard: Adam Orth and His Incredible Adventure.

#BitterCynicalAdults discuss the Adam Orth issue, the new Dredd movie and its lack of a sequel, and how not to handle issues of misogyny.

Featuring: Elon James White, Aaron Rand Freeman, Fahnon Bennett and N’Jaila Rhee

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1 Comment

  1. Susan April 8, 2013 at 8:47 am

    I guess you’re part-way through restructuring the site; the effect at present is that I can’t access posts, specifically this show. I’ve turned off AdBlock and FlashBlock and I still can’t see an embed or a link to the MP3 (there’s what appears to be an embed on the previous edition of We Nerd Hard, which is actually a link to the MP3, but that’s missing from this one).

    The links from the RSS feed and the front page also have prefixes, like wnh. or feat., which my browser can’t find. If I take the prefix off, sometimes I can get to the post (e.g. this one), but sometimes I get another 404.

    Sorry to pop up just to complain! I’ve been listening to your stuff since some time last year and it’s a great window to what’s really going on over there in the USA.

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