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    Virtual Reality Meets Your Local Pizza Hut

    t’s enough to make your mouth water. Pizza Hut has just introduced a proof of concept video where your table does the ordering for you. It’s an interactive, visual menu, that allows you to craft your order just as if you were making it yourself. It may be more trouble than it’s worth (how hard…

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    Google Glass Spurs Medical Innovation

      he next big leap in modern medicine may already be upon us. Google Glass, the wearable internet-capable device from the Mountain View company is in the early stages of its rollout, but it’s already being used in select hospitals across the country for quick access to internal resources, updates and notifications. The potential for…

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    Google Glass Can Read Your Mind

    oogle Glass is still very much in the testing stages. It’s slowly rolling out to more and more ‘explorers,’ early adopters who are testing features and spreading the word. Developers are still in the process of imagining up just what the device can do. Exciting recent developments show that the wearable may have applications beyond…

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    The Amazing Business Card You Never Knew You Needed

    ne of the hardest, most stressful endeavors any person can undertake is to try and secure a job. Between the search, resumes, cover letters, and interviews, you’ve got to pimp yourself out with the hopes that someone will give you a shot. Perhaps the most important part of this process is to be memorable. You’re…

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    Fantastic Four 2015 Reboot Cast Announced

    arvel’s “The Fantastic Four” is coming to a big screen near you, and we have a first look at who will make up the super-powered team. Kate Mara (House of Cards) will play the Invisible Woman, Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment, Project X) will play the limber Mr. Fantastic, Jamie Bell (The Adventures of Tintin)…

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  • Knight_Rider
    Making The Roads Safer With V2 Technology

    t’s not quite Knight Rider, but talking cars are coming soon.  On February 4th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced plans to institute a mandate on the use of V2 technology in all vehicles. V2 technology enables processes that can do things like help identify traffic issues and patterns and suggest alternate routes to drivers….

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    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg May Be As Bad As You Thought

    Illustration by Nicholas Carlson ecently uncovered years-old chats between Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and a friend reveal that he was … not such a nice guy. Among topics discussed was his opinion on fellow Harvard students (“dumb fucks”), his sabotaging a competing product (“out of boredom”) and that he was fully aware of the fact…

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