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  • arkham-Knight-2
    First Screens of Batman: Arkham Knight Impress

    ell well well.  Batman Arkham Videos (Youtube channel) posted a video that shows off the ridiculous in-game graphics of the newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight.  The first half of the video contains details about the game.  If you want to leave the gameplay unspoiled and get to the good stuff, skip to 2:15 to see…

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  • Screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-4.02.04-PM
    Infamous: Second Son Reviews Are In

    he embargo was lifted today on Infamous: Second Son reviews. All around it’s pretty well loved. The most luke-warm review from the major sites came in at around 7, with the average being somewhere around 8.5. I’ll be streaming some gameplay directly from the PS4 this weekend, so stay tuned!

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  • DirectX-12-header
    Will Direct X 12 Allow Microsoft to Catch Up?

    oday at GDC, Microsoft talked about it’s upcoming Direct X 12. They claim that it will boost performance via multi-core utilization. Don’t know what that means? It means Forza 5, ported over to DX12, runs at a solid 60fps. A performance boost like that could be just what Microsoft needs to turn the perception that…

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