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Could Connected Toothbrushes be the Next Big Thing?

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The International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 kicked off Jan. 7  in Las Vegas and the biggest names in tech are showing off what they hope will be the next need to own innovation.  According to State of the Consumer Electronics (CE) Industry, delivered by Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association US consumer technology revenues are projected to see 2.4 percent growth, up to $208 billion – a record high.

One of the trends companies  are betting on is passive data monitoring. Products designed to respond to gestures, voice, movements and location. Passive monitoring capabilities in smart-phones and wearable tech means  access to and the generation of  data about where we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.  Experts from CNET’s Next Big Thing: The New Hardware SuperSession agreed that companies have yet to take full advantage of the sensors that are housed in current devices.   But will consumers connect with these new smart items?

Consumers are getting on board with more practical monitoring gadgets ,like the Nike Fuel Band, can less obvious data gathering products generate interest? French company Kolibree debuted the first connected electronic toothbrush.  The product will collect data on the users brushing pattern and its effectiveness , it will then transfer that data to the users smartphone via bluetooth connection.  The toothbrush will retail at two price points $99 and $199.  The unit has a non replaceable battery with a two-year-lifespan.  The Kolibree will be available Q3 2014.

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