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Dataminr And Twitter Can Predict The News

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Dataminr in action

It’s official:We can predict the future.

For a fee that is. New York-based information discovery company Dataminr has announced a new Twitter tool that can alert customers to breaking news stories before they gain enough steam to ‘trend.’ The predictive technology was developed in conjunction with both Twitter and CNN with specifically journalists and news organizations in mind.

Think of this enterprise service like a tip line or police blotter- It doesn’t give you the full story, but gives solid, actionable leads worth exploring. It’s also poised to assist in the creation of more interesting pieces that lend themselves to long-form meditations as opposed to ‘breaking news.’

Information on pricing for the service has yet to be shared, though Dataminr officials have stated that there will be a tiered offering suited to both powerhouses like CNN and smaller news outlets alike. For more information, read the official Dataminr blog post here, and check out the video below.


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