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Google Glass Spurs Medical Innovation

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Image via: “Life as a Healthcare CIO”¬†

The next big leap in modern medicine may already be upon us. Google Glass, the wearable internet-capable device from the Mountain View company is in the early stages of its rollout, but it’s already being used in select hospitals across the country for quick access to internal resources, updates and notifications. The potential for further development of technology on Glass is poised for massive expansion. To stoke these trends, Boston based non-profit¬†MedTech is hosting a “Google Glass Challenge,” encouraging developers to explore programs that will help medical professionals specifically.

Early signs from entries are promising. One entry allows surgeons to record post-procedure results using Glass to capture audio, video and stills, dramatically reducing the time it usually takes them to prepare this critical documentation. Another allows first responders to transmit information from the site of an incident in order to help emergency staff prepare for patients’ arrivals.

For more about the MedTech challenge, read on here.

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