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Neil Gaiman’s Novels Headed to the Small Screen

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Mirrors by Kimberly Butler (2005)

Mirrors by Kimberly Butler (2005)

While  there’s not much info out there about Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel masterpiece Sandman’s big screen adaptions two of Neil Gaiman’s novels are headed to tv screens. The Hugo Award winning American Gods and  New York Times Bestseller sequel Anansi Boys well be dramas for American and British studios. American Gods was initially being developed by HBO but is now being developed by Fremantlemedia and Anansi Boys will be produced by the BBC.

Both novels deal with modern-day incarnations of ancient gods living in the aftermath of being forgotten by their worshipers. What is your dream cast choices?  While you’re thinking about it here is Neil Gaiman reading Green Eggs and Ham.

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