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#BitterCynicalAdults discuss the social network privacy paradox, the logistics of a Justice League movie, and when microtransactions ACTUALLY go wrong.

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  1. THOOM February 17, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Concerning the Beyonce pictures on Buzzfeed. No one at Buzzfeed said she was unattractive. The memes weren’t indicating she was unattractive. They were just having fun Y’all put that “unattractive” suggestion out there. The only others who suggested that the Superbowl pics of Beyonce were unattractive were Beyonce’s PR people when they asked the photos be taken down.The fact the it became a meme is just a harmless joke. You know jokes, right Elon?

    The reason why Buzzfeed did this is because Beyonce has been on every magazine cover, TV show, movie etc for the past decade. It is Beyonce overload. Buzzfeed covered her performance on the Superbowl because they couldn’t ignore it, and now Beyonce’s publicists balk at the continued free publicity? This isn’t a cover shoot. These were pics that Buzzfeed had rights to display.

    I’m irked at the contradiction of Elon’s criticizing Buzzfeed and the meme creators.

    Aaron and Elon think it is ridiculous that people poke fun at the exaggerated gestures in the Beyonce pics, but I bet they have no problem with memes featuring John Boehner, Michelle Bacmann and Donald Trump…And neither do I. But why is Beyonce beyond reproach? She had no problem with her image being on everything else. In 2006 I couldn’t walk two feet outside my door without seeing Beyonce’s image posted on every magazine or billboard. Can we get some variety? Kerry Washington? Salaan Nathan, maybe?

    Beyonce even infiltrated my favorite NERD PODCAST. Why is the Grand Duchess Tatiana bringing up Beyonce here? Can we get back to nerdom and leave the Superbowl and pop singers to Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly and E! Channel?

    Buzzfeed probably figured that after all these years of Beyonce being EVERYWHERE and loving it, her camp had the NERVE to call a site and REGULATE what images they put up.

    What Beyonce’s PR people did was attempt to be controlling, it doesn’t matter how nice they asked.

    What if Beyonce’s PR called in and “nicely” asked that you never mention Beyonce on TWIB again? What if EA Games or Apple’s PR department called and “nicely” for you not to cover big news items coming from their companies, even though everyone else was covering it. You would tell them to go eff themselves and cover it anyway. That is what Buzzfeed did.

    The reason why it was understandable in Elon’s case (in which he asked a newspaaper not to use a certain image of him) was because

    1) Elon was good enough to let them cover him and his comedy, so they returned the favor


    2) Because Elon’s face isn’t plastered all over every piece of media in America and half the world. Elon was not a mega star who had the nerve to call a relatively small media outlet and have them remove images that 1 billion people have already seen on TV.

    • JamaicanMauigirl February 19, 2013 at 4:44 am

      Hi, I would love for wenerdhard to discuss the possibility of remaking “Dune” I nerd out like crazy on all the books and frank Herbert (the author) and his son’s books in the series. The movie with sting is cool but soooo long ago and they did a sci fi TV movie version that sucked children of dune it was called…I guess I would be so very happy if you discussed it!

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