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Xbox Live Down On TitanFall Launch Day & I Hate Them For It.

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On the launch day of the only real reason to own an Xbox One at this point in time, Xbox Live is down. And before you say “Well it’s probably just you…”

  • “Xbox Live Down On ‘Titanfall’ Launch Day” forbes
  • Xbox One sign-in troubles disrupt Titanfall launch – Titanfall for Xbox One News

This was the one reason why I own an Xbox One. We had every intention of streaming game play for We Nerd Hard. Yet we sit here on Launch day staring at an error code that will forever be burned into my brain.


The worst part about this is that according to Microsoft this has NOTHING to do with TitanFall. MS just happen to fail on TitanFall day. It’s not like I can login and simply can’t jump on the TitanFall servers. I can’t log into Xbox Live at all making my Xbox One a very expensive coaster. Thanks Microsoft for making me regret my purchase of an Xbox One…again.

UPDATE: 6:19pm PT, approximately 5 hours after initially attempting to login to Xbox Live I STILL can’t log in. 

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